brahm neufeld

iCal Fix

This simple tool takes an iCal feed that lacks proper time zone support (all events in the calendar default to UTC) and moves the events to your local time for Google Calendar compatibility.

This is a simple tool to use. Begin by constructing a URL that looks like this:


You need to format your timezone as shown in the TZ column on this list on Wikipedia. For example, this is a complete valid URL using this tool:


(note that the URL doesn't end in a .ics file, but it could.

Now, copy the URL that you've just constructed and add it to Google Calendar via the Add By URL option. You're done!

NO CALENDAR DATA IS STORED ON MY SERVER AND I DON'T KEEP A LOG. The calendar fix happens server-side with a quick str_replace in PHP, and is processed each time the feed is refreshed in Google Calendar.

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Last Modified June 15, 2010